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How to Develop an Idea For an Invention

If you have an idea for invention, the first step is to document it. An idea for an invention is not always born in one sitting, and it is important to document your idea as it develops. The author J.K. Rowling, for example, explained that the idea for the Harry Potter series came to her while she was riding a train. She had a bunch of ideas, and each one came to her one by one.
Market research

When you are developing a new product or service, you need to do a bit of market research. Doing so will help you focus your product or service idea and avoid making expensive mistakes. It will also help you determine the price and features for your product or service. Often, it is a good idea to get a prototype built by a professional prototype builder.

A test market can help you identify potential competitors and the reasons people would buy your product over a competing product. For example, you might find that a certain type of fabric softener has been on the market for years, but a new invention claims to be just as effective. The problem with this is that consumers may prefer one brand over the other for various reasons, such as the smell or the chemicals.
Patent search

When doing a patent search for your invention idea, there are several factors to consider. For example, your idea may not be patentable if it already exists in the form of a patented invention. The patent office could have misclassified prior art or the relevant documents used terms that are not patentable. In addition, a patent search will not be conclusive if it does not turn up any references to the idea.

To find relevant patents, you need to use keywords that describe the technical aspects of your invention. You can use databases such as Espacenet, which is a database from the European Patent Office. Another good resource is the Japan Patent Office, which offers machine translations of European patents into English. Using keyword searches will get you a limited number of results, so it is best to follow the patent trail and narrow down your search as much as possible.
Product prototype

If you have a product idea for invention, you may want to consider developing a product prototype. Professional engineers, designers, and prototyping specialists may be able to help you get your idea off the ground. Alternatively, you may decide to hire a handyman or a machinist to build a working model for you. Regardless of the method you choose, you should think about your budget before proceeding. A handyman or machinist will cost significantly less per hour than a professional engineer, so this may be an excellent option.

Product prototypes are crucial because they help the inventor test their product before it goes to production. This helps the inventor determine whether their idea will be feasible and attract investors. It also helps them test their idea and eliminate flaws before moving to the next step, such as mass production.
Reaching out to friends and family

One of the best ways to find funding for your invention is through your personal network. This includes friends, family, and coworkers. This network can provide funding without an elaborate business plan or working prototype. Instead, they may offer to fund your idea as a gift or an interest-free loan. This type of funding is often more favorable than private investment.

In some cases, your friends and family can provide you with feedback about your invention. However, you should not rely on them for feedback. While they might have a few valuable insights, their opinions may not be completely objective. It’s also important to reach out to people in the industry that you plan to sell your invention in.
Obtaining funding

One of the first steps to developing an invention is applying for a patent. Once you have a patent, you can then work on engineering the product and creating a prototype to prove your concept. However, before you apply for a patent, you should do a patent search to ensure that your idea is not already patented. You can do this through an attorney or the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website. This step is crucial to applying for funding for an invention grant.

It can be difficult to convince others to fund your invention, so try to think like an investor. If someone else has made the same investment you are, it is highly likely that they will be interested in it as well. If you are able to convince these people, you may be able to get some funding for your invention.


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